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Terms and Conditions

The student is hereby specifically undertakes all the rules and they to accept and agrees all the conditions to be bound by these terms & conditions. As management contained here under and all the rules and regulations and other terms & conditions as it detailed in the description, application form, student guidelines, rules & regulations of the Ambiance Institute of Air Hostess Training, which have been read and understood by him/her by signing these terms & conditions.

The Ambiance Institute is purely a training institute that offers compatible training courses for the aspirants who want to take their career in aviation industry. Herein, the courses are formulated to give a learning edge to the aspirants and prepare them for a fulfilling career ahead.

The institute will gives in order to successfully complete the courses, and then the students will have to fulfil the necessary attendance (minimum 90%) and performance level (minimum 75%), as specify by the institute.

The Institute at the time of registration of the student has valid and subsisting affiliation with the University/Institute who shall be the awarding body and the student has registered the students being fully satisfied by seeing all the relevant reasons in our institute.

That, the students will not involve themselves in such activities, including politics, which may affect their interest in. studies adversely.

That, for the smooth progress of the studies & proper acknowledgment of performance of students, mutual exchange of view of parent/guardian, in the parent-teacher meeting is very much essential.

That, the institute shall not compromise with the discipline of students & moral ethics.

That non-compliance of any one of the above conditions may lead to interruption of termination of the training of the students.

  • The amount received either as part payment or full payment of fees is taken against the mentioned courses.
  • No amount of fees will be refunded to any students in any circumstances.
  • The fee is non-adjustable against any other student fees.
  • In case, a student failed to pay the fees in due time, late fee charges will be applicable.
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Course Duration

10 Months

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12 th Passed