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Going back to the 1990s and the era around it, one may recall that flying was an opulence. Going to an airport used to be a grand event, encouraging women and men to don their best outfits and accessories. Even airlines advertising their services used the royalty factor to make their name in the industry. Remember that mustached and turbaned Indian mascot of Air India from earlier?
Reminiscing those times might make you wonder how far the airline industry has come from those times. Flying is no longer advertised as a luxurious way of living, rather a form of convenience that even the middle class can afford. Those were the times when not everyone wanted to be a part of the cabin crew of an Indian Airlines either. Those who made it to the ranks were looked upon with grand appreciation and envied. The Indian skies were dominated by no more than 3 major airlines. Today, the scenario is in stark contrast to the image just painted above. With more than 10 domestic airlines, the Indian aviation industry has grown and expanded by leaps and bounds. Not to mention, flying is no longer an elite comfort but a common business now. With a revolutionary change in the composition of the industry, there was bound to be an equivalent alteration in the jobs associated with it.

Although the aviation industry continues to remain a glamorous career option for many, the changing scenario, in terms of the industry competition and the number of aspiring candidates, continues to challenge the dreams of many. For many air hostesses, the choice of this career stems from the idea and want of an
independent lifestyle. The thought of this life and the perks that come with it might naturally bend your choice towards this profession, and you are not the only one to face it. While you might wish to make it large at the profession, the benefits play an important role to tip the scales in favor of joining a specialized air hostess training school. Let us start by discussing, these perks, which seem to appear like a silver lining around the reasons why you may want to become an air hostess.

The benefits of becoming an air hostess in India
1. You get to travel, a lot! Yes, traveling will become your lifestyle and every third day of the month, you will find yourself packing your bags to take off to a domestic or international destination. While this is a dream come true for a person thrilled with wanderlust, it is not so attractive for someone who loves a stable lifestyle.
2. While others get a cab to pick them and drop from their home to an office building, you will get an escort to the airport and back.
3. Each time you land up at a different destination, you will have the chance to stay at a luxurious accommodation. Most airlines opt for five-star hotels to have their crew stay and with it comes all the luxuries that the hotel offers.
4. There is a high probability to meet people of interest while flying since it is still the favored form of transport for VIPs and popular personalities.
5. As a crew member of an airline, you get an exclusive chance to attend various functions, parties, and events hosted by the airline.
6. With a job as an airline crew comes the satisfaction of a well deserved and rewarding salary, which is in addition to all the above perks. In India, you can start your cabin crew career at INR 30,000 to INR 1,00,000, depending on the airline you get employment with. With time, you get promoted and your pay increases.

Broadly, these are the main benefits of being on the list of a cabin crew at an airline. Having read them, it is obvious that anyone might feel inclined to opt for this career. It is easier to get the right job as a cabin crew member when you are associated with a good and reputed air hostess training institute such as Ambiance
Fly. It sure gets your chances at a good job higher. Before you get on the sling for life as an air hostess right away, it is important to read this part as well. This article might be incomplete without mentioning the other side of the coin that exists for a cabin crew in India. Drawing relevance from the first few facts that we discussed at the beginning of this article, here are a few facts that are an eye-opener for many.

Domestic carriers now fly almost 100 hours in a week, which has risen from a number that was only 25, until a few years ago. This has put the entire industry amidst gushes of pressure, forcing much crew to work overtime and air hostesses to fly back to back flights. Not only does this put the crew under fatigue like conditions but it also disrupts a scheduled routine, which becomes very hassling for some members of this industry, especially, married women. This is why, the rate of drop out from an airline within five years of employment if 70% for air hostesses of leading airlines. Furthermore, the lack of stability in lifestyle and frequent work shifts at odd hours tends to put societal pressure on working women. Added to these are the typical challenges of dealing with passengers, whose satisfaction is the benchmark for the performance of a cabin crew. While efforts are being made by airlines to offer respite to their crew, in terms of their working schedule, a complete makeshift change is yet to be seen. This, however, does not mean that you cannot, or should not, live your dream to become an air hostess.

At Ambiance Institute of Air Hostess Training, efforts are made by leading faculty to train and enrich the candidates with skills and traits that make them successful during the selection process for a cabin crew. Additionally, the skilled leaders at the institute assure that their candidates are polished with confidence to tackle the ultimate customers and provide satisfactory services. This helps in avoiding the in-flight tussle between the passengers and the crew. You will also get to learn excellent parley skills, which are considered highly necessary for a cabin crew member at the time of flying in a plane with passengers. Being a reputed element of the aviation industry, we strive to offer the best placement opportunities to our candidates. To some extent, this proves to be beneficial for them, since airlines are increasingly waking up to the erratic schedules of their crew members and taking care not to burden them with excessive load. It is a common belief amidst the aviation industry that small-town folks are largely prone to get influenced by the glamour and spark of this industry, which is why they are most likely to fall for a lifestyle and habits that prove to be detrimental in the long run.

At Ambiance Aviation Institute, you will get to meet trained faculty, crew members and highly experienced staff members from the aviation industry, who provide a deep insight into the industry and impart their experience to our candidates. As a part of our highly esteemed institute, you are likely to gain proper exposure to the industry, which will help you avoid the sway and maintain your identity in this industry. Join us today and step into the world of aviation with confidence and keep your dreams intact as you get prepared to conquer the skies!

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